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Local Governments Getting Boost from Shale Energy Boom

We know that the shale energy boom has been good for job creation and the economy. Now, a new study finds that shale energy development is a net plus for local governments.



As Emissions Fall, Greens Increasingly Embrace Shale Gas

For many years, environmental activists have pushed for bans, moratoria, or other restrictions on hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), alleging the process is a threat to public health and the environment. But in recent months, increasing numbers of environmentalists have distanced themselves from the "ban fracking" agenda.



U.S. Crude Output Advances to 28-Year High on Shale Boom

U.S. crude production climbed to a 28-year high last week as the shale boom moved the world's biggest oil-consuming country closer to energy independence.



Expert: White House likely to lift oil export ban

The White House "will favor" lifting the nation's 40-year-old ban on exporting oil, a leading energy expert said Wednesday at a symposium in San Antonio.



Natural Gas Boom Is Attracting Manufacturing To The US From Overseas To Take Advantage Of Cheaper Fuel, Feedstock

In the wake of the American shale gas boom and the resulting cheaper power, U.S. manufacturers have been moving their work back home from overseas, and now foreign manufacturers, especially from Europe, are moving their facilities to the U.S.



Fracking Insiders See No End To Boom

Despite official predictions that the U.S. energy boom will pop like a bubble in the next 20 years, people engaged in drilling for oil and gas - from the financiers to the frackers - see no end to boom times or low gas prices, industry insiders said in Chicago Friday.



INFOGRAPHIC: Shale Wells Are Designed to Protect Groundwater

In every well used to tap into America's vast shale reserves, millions of pounds of steel and concrete are utilized in multiple layers to isolate the well from groundwater supplies.



Powell, Tiefenthaler: Energy independence is within reach for U.S.

After some 40 years of OPEC cartel codependence, many Americans recognize the real and symbolic importance of the Keystone XL pipeline.



Biofuel Mandates - A Farce EPA Can No Longer Ignore

Biofuels - including ethanol produced from corn in the United States - have taken a real beating over the last few weeks, and for good reason.



U.S. Slashes CO2 Emissions, Thanks to Shale

Video - The U.S. can celebrate having the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in twenty years.